Do Your Team Members Come to Rehearsal Unprepared?

If they do, watch this...

What's the "real" problem?

When people to rehearsal and services without practicing enough, it's frustrating for you and other team members.

But have you ever answered this question for your team members...

  • What’s enough? 
  • How prepared should they be to be prepared?
  • Do they really know what you expect of them? 

Get This Free Toolkit

The Get Practicing Toolkit will help you clearly communicate your preparation standards to your team members. 
  • They will know what you expect when they show up to rehearsal. 
  • And they’ll how much they need to practice to meet that expectation. 
  • And best of all, they'll know when a song is ready for Sunday.

Here's What You Get

Tool #1

Practice-By-Numbers Team Member Guide

This guide gives you and your team a common language for how prepared everyone needs to be by rehearsal, and how prepared they should be by Sunday.

These Practice Numbers can be used to communicate your standards—whether you require memorization or you use music stands.

Tool #2

Practice-By-Numbers Leader’s Guide

This one-page tool will guide you step-by-step through twelve questions to help you determine your preparation standards.

This guide will also help you know how to use the Practice By Numbers Team Member Guide with your volunteer musicians.

Tool #3

Practice-By-Numbers Discussion Guide

This Discussion Guide gives you ready-ask-questions that help you lead a crucial conversation with your team about the Practice Numbers concept. 
This is critical, because the more your team weighs in during the discussion, they’re more apt they will be to buy in to using the Practice-By-Numbers Guide.

With the Get Practicing Tool Kit...

You can tell your team to BE PREPARED,
and they’ll finally know what that looks like.

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